The Beauty of Art

I recently completed an Introduction to Art class at the community college. I envisioned a tactical approach to the subject, and I had hoped to incorporate some hands-on experience in the process. Although the class literally “introduced” me to the world of art, I learned to appreciate the subject due to the learning of its history.

As a child I did not consider myself to be creative. Although I could play the piano through hours of practice, I was not able to write my own songs. Although I used to read for hours on end, I did not ever pick up a pen to write my own novel (but I was a great pen pal). One day I was snooping in the hallway closet next to my bedroom, and I came across a set of artsy-looking pieces of chalk. I inquired about the discovery, and behold, my mother told me of the days when she used to draw and paint scenery.

I don’t remember the exact day I decided to step out of my left-brained comfort zone, but I found an old card that displayed a picture of an angel with yellow hair. I spent a few hours in my room trying to replicate that card. For a first attempt at expressing my newfound creativity I thought I did a good job! I have the artwork stashed in my files somewhere. And I still believe that angels have yellow hair.

I have learned that art is more than just a drawing, and that is more than just the ability to express creativity. Art is an extension of our natural beauty, and it is expressed in many forms. Whether the finished product is a canvas painting or a sculpture made from clay, the beauty of art is unique to the creator and the beholding eyes.

I am no longer afraid to step out of my left-brained zone. I desire to try and express my uniqueness in the form of art. I am sure that I will need a few more classes (and a great instructor) to help me fine-tune my projects. My personal motivators have been my children. They have emptied many bins of computer paper in their attempts to create their masterpieces. I have a portfolio in safe keeping for those precious creations, and it’s a wonderful experience to look at their growth spurts on paper.

As I take the time to observe the world around me, I find that art can be found everywhere! It’s masterfully created in graphic designs, the structures of buildings, digital photography, classic film, theatre productions, and classrooms! The world of art tells a story to those who are willing to listen and learn. The history of art is fascinating, for it opens the door to the past. It teaches us about the people who lived before us, and left their images of life on the walls, in the buildings, and under the ground. All we have to do is discover, appreciate, preserve, and pass it forward.

Every school should be excited to expose their students to the world of art. If financial hardships occur due to political changes, there should be passionate artists who are willing to step forward and volunteer their time. I only wish that my school had taken more time to develop the skill of art within me. I probably would have tried to create something rather than shy away from the possibility of success. There are plenty of people out there who are creative, and they are hiding their talents. It would be so nice to see a huge influx of appreciation for art within the community, and it should be accessible for all who would like to try.

1 thought on “The Beauty of Art”

  1. Have you ever read The Mind of the Maker by Dorothy L. Sayers? She’s best known for her Peter Wimsey detective novels, which she wrote in the ’30s and ’40s. TMotM is almost exactly what you’ve posted on here, that art is an outgrowth of the creative and beautiful nature of God, and that instead of shying from art, and being dry and dull, that Christians should — because of our heritage from God — be the most creative.


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