One World Collision

“Stop the World I want to get off” was a quote I read from a poster that hung in my English high school class. I’ll never forget those words, but for some reason I cannot remember the picture behind it. Ever since then I have said those words in my mind when my “world” seemed to collide with itself. Whether I was dealing with issues at home, issues at work, or issues at school, I knew I could only handle so much of the world.

What is life like for you in your world? Do you live life at full speed, never catching your breath, or do you try to find some balance and serenity in your unobstructed view of life? As for me, I have found that my life resembles a roller coaster ride. There are days when I feel like I am climbing up to the heavens and waiting for the thrill of being on top of the world. Other days I feel like I am racing to the bottom, hoping that I don’t crash or fall off my path. Yet, there are days when I sit in the seat at the starting gate, all strapped in my seat, waiting for life to start.

There are no repeats in this life. Everyday is a new chance to make something better in my life than the previous day. I have to choose to wake up happy, smile at my surroundings, and face my world square in its eyes. If I choose to do the opposite, well, let’s just say, “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” That’s another great quote I use from time to time, too.

As I look beyond my personal world, I see so many other things happening around me. My community is growing and changing each day; my state is growing and changing, too. And, yes, the country in which I live is changing at a rate faster than I’d like to accept. If we look at the Earth, the entire world that gives us life and abundant resources, it seems like an awfully big place. I cannot imagine trying to learn about all the countries, people, places, and history. My entire lifetime would be consumed with that quest of knowledge. If we look at the Earth from outer space, our planet is relatively small, just a tiny speck of dust that floats around in the universe. I suppose that the Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hears a Who, is not such a distorted, misrepresentation of people living on “specks.”

As I reflect on the different views of my world, from a personal standpoint and expanding out to the vastness of the universe, I see that my life and my world is a brief speck of dust, yet it is so important. I am learning that I only get a few chances to make a difference in my world. So, “What composes your world?” you may ask. Like I said earlier, my world is small, concise, and so important. I have my family and my home. I have my friends and my church. I have my faith in God. That’s about it. But, hey, those few items I choose to call mine, they are special to me, and they complete the picture in which I exist.

So, the next time I consider listening to that quote, “Stop the world I want to get off,” I hope I will reconsider and finish the ride.

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