Marriage and Family

Making a Memory through a Road Trip

We just came home from a 1600 mile trip to Northern California. It was so fun to see all the extended family members, and the beautiful countryside added so much more to the memories! My children are glad to be home, but they will always remember the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the cloudy day at the beach (with the tan-burned skin), and the cousins and grand-aunt and grand-uncle they have met. I am learning that my life is about making memories and leaving a legacy. We cannot take our “stuff” with us when we die; we can only share in the joys and trials of everyday life with the people we connect to.

During the drive we would listen over and over to the soundtrack of Disney-Pixar’s “Cars”… there are so many relevant songs that help the long road trip seem shorter and merrier. One of the lines in the songs say, “You may not see the silver lining, but there’s a great big sky waiting right behind the clouds.” How true are those words… and how the lyrics have impacted my life. So many days feel like the world is crumbling around my little life… like getting a kidney stone attack at midnight, or my daughter vomiting several times due to heat stroke from the beach day.

Over all, I will remember the time I spent with my kids. I will remember sharing the last peanut butter sandwich, little hands grabbing the last kernel from one bag of popcorn, munching on chewing gum as we climbed up the Grapevine, sleeping like sardines on a queen-size air mattress, and getting all those hugs and kisses.

Who wouldn’t want to remember these good times?

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