Okay, you are probably thinking, “What is she doing on a computer if she is talking about priorities?” Well, I have been thinking about what I could say, and the same word keeps popping up in my head: priorities. The notion of cataloging my life on paper seems to be overwhelming, scary, exciting, and yes, accountable to others!

As I review what I am learning on a daily basis, I realize that I must establish priorities in order to keep my life (and my sanity) in check. I need to make sure that I place limits on my time, my personal bubble space, and my environment. I need to stop the unrealistic expectations of “doing” things for the approval of others. I need to know that what I do, or do not do, is going to make my life a benefit to my “world”.

Here are a few things that I consider to be unshakable priorities:
1. My faith and daily walk in the Word
2. My family
3. My personal wellness
4. My testimony to those whose lives I reach

Maybe I could have a few more items on my list, but I know that simple could be better. It’s not always about going, doing, and moving. Sometimes it’s about regrouping, simplifying, and breathing. The early morning hours are my favorite moments where my world is quiet and still. It is the time that I use to walk, to pray, to read, to listen to the nature outside the four walls of my home. It is my time to regenerate my soul, my mind, and my love. If I become an empty vessel and do not take the time to replenish, I will become unable to meet the needs of those who depend on me.

Yes, priorities are important and should be viewed on a periodic basis to stay on track. Priorities help us to stay focused on the things that are important, and to discard the extra garbage that clutters our days. I hope that you will take a few moments to recognize your priorities and use them to make your life sweeter!

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