Miracle Monday

I have always enjoyed Monday. For some reason I view it as a fresh start of the week. It’s a chance to get caught up on all the little things that were put on hold by the weekend. My mind is clear (usually) and refreshed (if I get a good night’s sleep).

This Monday is special to me. Why? Because I want to look at it differently than I have in the past. Today will only be happening once: August 3, 2009. But, it’s a Monday, and so it is special. I have a couple of friends celebrating their birthdays today. Happy Birthday to you: Shari and Sarah. You are two special people in my life, and you deserve the best.

Also, this Monday is special because I have asked for a miracle. My children, husband, and me have been praying for a miracle. Most of my friends know that we have not have any steady employment since April. We chose to take a different path for our provision. We chose to become self-employed. But, in this economy, the difference between a “need” and a “want” is big. People do not want to spend any extra money on something that they may not see as important as food, shelter, clothing, transportation.

Well, I can’t say that we have experience a miracle… yet. But, listen to what we have experienced today: (1) an email of encouragement, (2) an unexpected meeting of a potential business opportunity, and (3) a generous opportunity to have a date night without cost! Yes, the Lord does shine down from Heaven with his faithfulness. It’s evident to me and my family in these small things.

I could never let go of my faith. It’s too precious and too risky to live without it. The Creator of the Universe knows my needs, and I will never let go of that. He loves each of us too much. If we don’t love him back, then we are the ones who have denied ourselves the opportunity to be loved. We get caught up in the daily grind, thinking that our ‘world’ is too big for someone else to share or help. I’ve been guilty of this… I have to remind myself that I need to look up, literally, into the sky, into the heavens, and know that I am not alone. I am tiny and precious to almighty God, and He is going to take care of me.

So, today is a miracle for so many reasons. But, the greatest reason of all is because I am loved.

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