I am Revolutionary

“I am Revolutionary” is a harsh term. But only a few, brave men and women dare to use it.

I can relate to the term revolutionary in so many ways. My political viewpoints are revolutionary, my Christian faith is revolutionary, my lifestyle is revolutionary, my choice in home education is revolutionary, even my desire to become self-sufficient (live off the land) is revolutionary.

What does revolutionary mean? According to the Scholastic Children’s Dictionary the term revolution means, (2) a very large, important change. The Webster’s Random House College Dictionary says (2) a sudden, complete, or radical change in something.

I have always been marching to my own beat. I am stubborn, independent, obsessive-compulsive, left-brain dominant, and always questioning authority. I used to be too shy to exhibit these qualities, but they have always been there, rooted deep in my soul. The desire to bring my true characteristics up to the surface has been stirring for a while. I can no longer hide who I am.

So, why should I bring this subject into the light? I believe it is important! Another quote that I have grown to love is “You better stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” This is so true! We all have our core values, our worldviews, our opinions on how our world should operate. But, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, would we die for our beliefs or our core values?

My answer is an absolute YES! If I am living for what I love, then I would absolutely die for what I love, too! Life on earth is so very short. We only get to spend a few precious years making a difference in the lives of others. We need to make every day count for something good.

Here are some examples of how I choose to live a revolutionary life:
*I am a full-fledged believer in Jesus Christ. Anyone can say they believe in God, but only a few dare say that they believe in God’s son, Jesus, and the message He proclaimed as truth.
*I am choosing to remain married to my husband, until death do we part. Divorce is not an option, no matter how bad our circumstances may be.
*I choose to raise and teach my children in the old-fashioned ways. Learn to earn your keep, use your manners, be mindful of others, dress modestly, fill your mind with quality literature and music.
*I desire to become self-sufficient. This means that I want to be debt-free, owing no man, but rather make the choices that require sweat to till the land to produce the food, shelter and clothing. Everybody used to live this way 100 years ago, and I believe that some very satisfied with a job well done.
*I want to make sure that I am a benefit to society, and not a burden. We need less government control, not more. If everyone started accepting their own responsibilities for their actions, rather than having the government bail them out, we would truly be a free nation. We are slaves to the master as long as we feel that we need their provisions.

I am sure I could go on and on, but I wanted to share what was on my heart today. I am revolutionary, and I am proud of it.

What about you?