In the face of Adversity

There are times when life seems to run smoothly, as if a road map has been set in place. Then there are times when life is chaotic, and everything seems to be upside down, backwards, and confusing. A good friend of mine recently told me, “if the Lord can bring you to it, he will bring you through it.” Those are powerful words.

We are not supposed to skate through life without any bumps in the road. Sure, it would be nice to have everything planned and paved, but life would become boring. We would become complacent. We would start looking for trouble, just to have a form of entertainment.

But, take a moment to honestly examine your heart. Examine how you feel when you are going through the high points of your life. Once you reach a mountain peak, it is time to start climbing down again. What about the times when life feels like a dungeon or deep pit? How do you react? How do you respond?

My first initial response to adversity is anger. My second emotion is fear. Then, after I have cried all of my tears and ruined my appetite, I am ready to face my adversity. It is a challenge that I must overcome. I don’t know where to begin. But, I do know that I have friends who will rally beside me and cheer me on to victory. Some of these friends are prayer warriors; some of these friends are silent cornerstones of support.

There are many times when I will face the chaos. I will be stretched, I will be in pain. I will cry, I will shout with anger, I will fall on my face and ask God for help. I am exactly where I need to be so I can grow and mature and help others along the way.

The first half of Jeremiah 6:16 says, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Stand where the roads cross and look. Ask where the old way is. Ask where the good way is, and walk on it. If you do, you will find rest for yourselves.’ I am learning that I need to seek the ancient paths, the roads that have been tested as tried and true. I am also learning to ask for guidance and direction… I am still learning…

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