Always on my mind

My mind is always thinking about something. That ‘something’ could be nothing important or it can be in need of immediate attention. The OCD in me wants to make everything an “A” on the priority list. There are no Bs or Cs. I know I need to spare myself the trouble of trying to accomplish everything at once. I am trying to figure out how to eat the elephant… one bite at a time.

But, I do want to mention that you, the reader, are always on my mind. I think about how you will feel when you read my thoughts. I think about the reaction you may experience when I say something that just doesn’t sit right with you. And I also think about the times that you may smile because I have encouraged you.

I’m not sure where I am going with this post. I just had a sense to post something new. But I wanted to let you know that, if you dare to be my friend, then you are on my mind when I write. A blog is like a hallmark card: I care enough to write to the very best! In the meantime, I will try to think of something profound for my next post.

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