Putting the "D" in Bonfire

Fall has arrived. The nights are cool, the days are breezy and getting cooler. What a perfect time for a bonfire! I sent out the evites, and our family began to prepare for some fun. We bought the graham crackers, the marshmallows, and the hot cocoa. We set up the tables, chairs, and the fire pit in our driveway. We waited until dusk, and we began the evening with a kid-friendly movie playing on the projector against our garage door.

The neighbors and friends arrived. Kids began to roast the marshmallows as we talked, laughed, and shared our recent news and stories. The older kids began a game of football toss in the street. There was no traffic, but our yard was bustling with the noise of fun, camaraderie, and bonding.

Our bonfire adventure turned into a “bond” fire. We have the desire to reach out to our neighbors and friends again. It’s too easy to hibernate in our homes, and watch the world spin by as we go about our daily lives behind the closed doors. But it takes courage and determination to step out and say, “hi, my name is … and I want to get to know you.”

I hope that there will be many more bonfires while the evenings are cool. As long as our neighbors are okay with the noise of excitement and the aroma of burning wood, then we are good to go. I challenge you to put the “D” of determination in reaching out to your friends and neighbors. The memories that you create will last a lifetime and have a huge impact beyond all words.

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