Go with the flow

It’s been a crazy two weeks. Actually, it’s been a crazy year! I’ve been reminiscing about what I will use in my annual Christmas letter. So many things have happened this year, and the conclusion I have made is to just “go with the flow.” There is no other phrase to describe it!

It seems that life is like white water rafting (a quest I have yet to experience). You get in a watercraft, put on a life vest, and push off downstream into the water. You can use the oars to help guide your direction, but sometimes the current is so strong that it pushes and pulls you however it seems best. Then, you will come to a slow spot in the river, and you can just glide along while admiring the scenery.

I’ve experienced many turbulent waters this past year. But, I’ve also had the pleasure of gliding through the small, calm passages. I am beginning to believe that the calm passages are a preparation ground for the upcoming bend, the unknown path that will most likely bring turbulent waters. But, as the speed increases and more strength is needed to handle the pressure, the result is an exhaustive state of endorphins that get released when the training period is over.

As the year draws to a close, and the holidays pass by, I am thankful for the turbulent waters and the gentle stream that flow into my life. I look forward to another year of training in the water. For without the opportunities of metaphorical white water rafting, I would be stuck in the mud. So, go with the flow!

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