Faith, Reflection

Expecting the Unexpected

It is almost December 1st, and I am pondering over this year we call 2009 AD. I usually write an annual Christmas letter that wraps up the details of my year in a one page summary. This year is different, though. There are many reasons to continue the tradition and write, yet there are so many more reasons to stop.

One of the things I have learned this year (and in previous years) is to expect the unexpected. Life can be compared to so many unexpected things like: a fork in the road, the changes of the ocean’s tide, a roller coaster, the change in seasons, the circle of life, and the cliches go on and on.

But, seriously, this year has been, by far, the most unexpected series of events I have witnessed in my lifetime. We started the year in good health, and we transitioned into yet another job change. But, this time, it wasn’t a lateral job move. It was the end of a “regular” job. Of course, there are many downsides to having a regular job, but one of the positive consistencies is the paycheck at the end of every two weeks. No more regular paychecks. Time to jump ship and live on faith! Beginning on May 1st we have been living on faith. Pure, simple faith. No paychecks; just a new path of earning a living through dialing for dollars and pounding the pavement for work.

Another unexpected event was the journey to see family 800 miles from home, and ending up in the ER to pass a kidney stone. No insurance, no problem. Just had to wait two months to see the enormous bill for some morphine and a CT scan. But, everything turned out fine, and I’ll have memories of that trip for the rest of my life. My kids will remember the good moments, too. Making a memory is the best part.

I’ve learned to document the important events through this wonderful tool called blogging. A journey in the year of my life is here on the computer. It’s available for proofreading, for encouragement, for keeping in touch. Some parts are boring; some parts are fun. But, it’s how all about how I get through each day and recognize the miracles, the people, the memories that encompass it all.

As I ponder what to write about my life in 2009 I need to look no further. It’s all here. Happy. Healthy. Blessed. Expecting the unexpected at each new turn. 2010 is a mere 31 days away. Be prepared. Be alert. Be hopeful. Oh, and remember… it’s NOT all about you. Life is short. Life is quick. But, life can be good.

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