Faith, Reflection

Lights, Cookies, Action!

We have decorated our house with lights. We have made a batch of cookies. We have experienced non-stop action with four anxious children. It’s time for the annual Christmas celebration!

What could be better than celebrating the holidays around some crazy, wild, and fun children? I am trying to soak it all in, and hang on to each memorable moment. My hope is that my children will remember the fun times of the holidays. I also hope that they’ll remember the true reason for the season.

It’s not about the lights. It’s not about the cookies. Heck, it’s not about the gifts under the tree (that our cat has conveniently chewed open). It’s about a little baby boy, coming to earth 2000 years ago in the harshest and humblest of circumstances. The savior of the world, born in a stable, misunderstood by most people, hated by some (even King Herod wanted him killed), and rejected by the current political and religious systems (way back when and even now).

Not much has changed in 2000 years. Even though technology has advanced our world, the human heart and human nature remain very much the same. People still need a savior, yet they will reject anyone who says you have to give up your own life and follow him. It’s the greatest gift ever given, and it’s also the greatest challenge to accept.

I will not sit by idly while people are living and dying for instant gratification. I may not be able to change the course of human history like Jesus did, but I can and I will share the good news to my family first, and then to my friends. Even Linus shared the good news in the “Charlie Brown Christmas Special.” In the 1960s, though, it was still okay to mention the birth of Christ. Today, it’s a form of intolerance.

Enjoy your lights. Enjoy your cookies. Enjoy the action of energized children waiting for the man in a red suit. But, please remember what the celebration is really about. A little baby, who changed everything, for all mankind.

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