Refining Resolutions

I’ve had a case of writer’s block lately. I have so many thoughts to share, yet they all seem to be swirling in my head like a tornado. The one thing that keeps catching my attention is the dawn of a new year. Can’t believe I just said goodbye to 2009, and we are ushering in 2010.

When I was little I watched the sci-fi movies “2001” and “2010”. I could have never imagined that I would live long enough to see those years in reality. And now, it’s been nine years since 2001, and 2010 is upon us. Where are the hovering cars or the space trips to Jupiter? What about human colonization on Mars? Will the notion of science fiction ever become a reality to our current generation?

In light of the new year I have to stop and ponder about the infamous resolutions that people make. Losing weight, fixing the finances, getting a new hair style, buying or selling a house, buying a car, graduating from school, etc… What are the top priorities for 2010 for me?

Here are some things I would like to accomplish this coming year:

*find 30 minutes each day to exercise
*pay everything by cash or money order (no more debit cards)
*finish the final 4 college classes and the internship with all A’s and graduate in December
*spend at least 20 minutes each day in prayer and reading the Word (Bible)
*make a healthy dinner (or lunch) for my family every day
*stick to our chore chart and be consistent
*spend one-on-one time with each child every day
*go on a date night with my husband more than just once every six months
*make a long-distance call to a dear friend or write a homemade letter to a friend once a month
*speak less, listen more
*smile more, laugh more
*use less technology, have more live interaction for social needs
*be ever thankful

I recently watched the movie, “Evan Almighty”, and there was a scene where God says to Evan’s wife that when a person prays for something, the answer is usually given in the form of opportunity. For example, if I was to pray for patience, then God would give the opportunity to be patient. If I prayed for more time with my family, then God would give the opportunity to spend more time with my family (which is the essence of the movie).

So, the essence of my post is to refine my resolutions. They will not be New Year’s resolutions, but I hope that they will be Lifelong resolutions. I hope that you will be encouraged to refine your resolutions as well.

By the way, be careful what you pray for because you just might receive it (in an unexpected way)!

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