Going Green?

There is a cute little frog that used to say, “it’s not easy being green.” The month of March celebrates a green shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day. The industrialized society is promoting the idea of “going green” in order to save the Earth. Green means money, green means jealousy, green means “the other side is better”, green can mean “lust” to some people. Green is a street light that means “go.” Green is ambiguous. It can be interpreted in so many ways. I agree with that little frog.

Hey, I’m all about conservation. I like to recycle. I like to study history about holidays. I like to watch old movies about the little green frog and his pink piggy girlfriend. I enjoy the green days of spring.

But, the most important thing that puts “green” in the forefront of my mind is healthy eating. It seems that a nice, big garden salad, full of dark green leaves, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, purple cabbage, carrots, tossed with a homemade olive oil/basalmic vinegar dressing just fills me up! I could eat the healthy foods all the time! But, why is it so hard to stick to such a regimen? There are many reasons, but mainly it’s a personal choice.

Before you tune me out, please listen. I am just learning about eating “whole” foods. Foods that have been grown organically; foods that have not been altered to live a lifetime on a pantry shelf. Foods that are healing to the cells. Food that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for staying alive. I haven’t known about this new way of thinking and living for a long time. But, it’s time now. Time to say goodbye to the bad, processed foods.

My mindset has changed a bit about going green. It is no longer focused on saving the planet (although that’s always a good idea). It is focused on saving my body from years of chronic pain, disease, and early death. But, I am not only focused on healing my body. I encourage you to focus on your body, too. What are you putting in your mouth?

Are you ready to go green?

2 thoughts on “Going Green?”

  1. Green eggs and ham??? That would be so fun to figure out a way to cooked baked goods with pureed veggies! How about some zucchini bread? 🙂


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