My View on Health Care Reform

This is what I wrote to a dear friend of mine… whom we have to chosen to “agree to disagree” and still love each other as friends.

Yes, I do agree, the whole system needs to change, but unfortunately, I don’t agree with the step toward more federal governmental control and ultimately a step toward socialism. In a perfect world, socialism would be the ideal form of government. But, our country was founded on the principles on independence and freedom from government-led tyranny.  Our founding fathers wanted us to be free. Now, our capitalistic society is dying a slow, painful death, with one government-led takeover at a time.

I do believe we will see a drastic change in our health care reform, but it’s only going to bankrupt the US and there will be no future for anything else (no social security, no more capitalism, no more cash – yes, we will be a cashless society one day, mark my word). These changes are not new in my worldview, but I was hoping for a little more time to enjoy the American freedoms we so take for granted.

I’m not a political expert, but I do know that those who are in Washington DO NOT have our best interest at heart. I cannot honestly remember a time where our politicians were clean-cut, filled with integrity, and had the best interest in the people. The term “crooked politician” is quite accurate and not just a catchy phrase. But, how do we change the political scene? Some of the politicians who voted on this bill will not be alive in the next 20 years to see the damage it will cause our nation.

Yes, there are people who are prone to illnesses that are not by their own accord, but according to the research and literature I read, 50% of all cancer and other diseases could be eradicated by consistent exercise and diet changes. But, how many people will take the hard road? How many will give up their coffee, their cigarettes, their alcohol, their overeating binges, their addictions to drugs, their laziness?

I was appalled when I saw the level of junk food that was offered by the hospital yesterday!! I am on a mini-detox right now, eliminating sugar, breads, pasta, and even dairy and fruit (for a little while), so I can get my internal system recharged. I could not eat one, damn thing out of that machine or in the cafeteria last night. I was so hungry that I broke down and had some teriyaki beef and white rice. I don’t know what the sauce was made out of, but I’m pretty sure it was full of preservatives! Plus, white rice… come on… what about healthier brown rice.

The bottom line is that my illness with MRSA has made me realize how broken our health care system is, but it’s going to take more than just a 2000 page bill to change it. It really comes down to the individual. We can change community programs, and reform the grand scheme until we are blue in the face, but the bottom line is the individual. Each person should have the choice to live a healthier life, and not rely on some government-funded system to keep them “well enough” to get by. I don’t want to survive; I want to thrive!!!

Also, I don’t like the government forcing us to pay a fine for the 6% who will not be covered. Who are those 6% gonna be? They say it’s the undocumented immigrants, but that’s just their guess.

I am not afraid, I am pissed. I am sad. I am disgruntled. I’d rather have no insurance, and focus on prevention through my chiropractor, than to be covered, be told who to see, limit my rights and freedoms, and be accountable to “big brother.” All those stories I read in High School about the fictitious future are coming true… one by one.

I know I cannot convince you to change your mind, just as you won’t be able to change my mind. I just hope that our children won’t suffer too much. I’ve already seen the “skimping treatment” that my pediatrician does to my kids because they have AHCCCS coverage. I am still half-tempted to take them off and get them on my private insurance while I have it. My pediatrician will only do the bare minimum when we go to see him. I cannot even get a recommendation for my son for a CT scan of his head, just to see how his brain is growing since his accident 10 years ago. All because of state-funded insurance. Can you imagine what we are NOT going to receive in care because of federal insurance?

That’s what we should fear… the wait list for true help. The rationing of care… the survival of the fittest (and only the fittest will truly survive the longest). If the government could focus more dollars on prevention, maybe I would listen. But, they are just shuffling the pile – the “rob Peter to pay Paul” scenario – to have more people stuck in a system of perpetual pain and suffering. But, gosh darn it, they’ll be covered!

Well, that’s my mantra. That’s what I believe. Our country is no longer the same as it was in its foundation. I’m not just talking about political parties or religious bents. I’m talking about true character… honesty, integrity, care for others, living frugally.

I no longer consider myself a Republican. I choose to not align with any party because of all the deceit. I will be a revolutionary patriot until my dying breath. If I have to hang at the stake for my beliefs, I will hang. I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe.

I hope this helps you understand me a little better. I don’t know if I have a gift of healing, but I know have a gift of compassion. I love others because I know that we are all special creations from God. But, that’s a whole other mantra…

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