Marriage and Family, Reflection

One door closes… another one opens.

Moving day is quickly approaching our household. We have been preparing for the move with great anticipation, nervousness, excitement, and yes, plenty of cardboard boxes. Oh, how I wish I could magically make everything set itself into place without the need to physically transport it from here to there.

I have found that moving is more than just a change of geography. Moving is very emotional, too, as we wrap up our memories and take them with us. To leave behind our familiar home, and say goodbye to our neighbors, our nearby park, our street, and even our pool, well, sometimes the words are difficult to explain.

I think of the words like:  nostalgia, memories, growing up, comfort zone, stability, roots, and home. No longer will our current place be our home, but it will become someone else’s house. They will get to make new memories in the same location that I once shared with my family. All I will have are old photos and videos of our memories to share for as long as I can. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

Our new house will be amazing. I am hoping to transform some of the white walls into warm and inviting colors that will feel like home again. I am eager to hang up the pictures and decor, unpack our belongings with a sense of organization, and arrange our furniture to secure our senses in something familiar. I am eager to unclutter, simplify, and start fresh. I can’t wait to bake my first batch of chocolate chip cookies, along with a home-cooked meal.

As one door closes, I feel the sadness and grief that come with saying goodbye. As another door opens, I feel the excitement and awe that awaits us for new memories to be made. I look forward to meeting new neighbors, establishing new roots, and opening our home for others to share.

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