Seeking rest for the weary

Recently, as I have been involved in a mentoring ministry I have learned so much about reaching out, even when I am worn out. This week’s topic is about “trials”, and goodness knows there are plenty to go around! One of the day’s journaling encouraged me to write a poem. So I did. And, here it is…

These passing days go by so fast

Yet each one seems so painfully slow

There’s not much time to stop and rest

as I take care of my family in tow.

But, God is my rock and my peace,

He promises to carry me through each day;

I just need to accept each task and place

as I lean on Him to walk His way.

So as I dream, hope, and pursue

the will of God and not my own,

I know that I will be renewed

each passing day until I’m home.

I pray that you will find solace and rest in your journey. We all have trials, and we all feel at times like we’ve been beaten down by life. In times like these it is wise to reach out your hand and your heart to a close friend. It’s easy to become isolated and withdrawn, but strength and rest are found when you find comfort by a true friend.

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