When in Doubt

If you’ve ever wondered what the other side of the fence is like, just jump on over. Hopefully, there isn’t a mean dog awaiting your arrival! You’ll find out quickly that the grass that “looks” greener is only that way because of a distant perception. Take the time to get really close and you’ll see that there are bugs, weeds, and imperfection all around.

Is it okay to wish for things that don’t “belong” to you? It’s not that you can’t have it nor pursue it, but the question remains, “should I want this?” When in doubt, meditate on it. Think about the pros and cons of wishing, having, and pursuing an item outside of your realm. Brainstorm the idea from inception to completion. Make sure it is what you truly want. When in doubt… throw it out? But, what about risk, or a leap of faith?

Another way to know for sure is to trust your second brain. This is also known as your gut. You know the phrase, “Gut Instinct”… well, it’s true. If you don’t believe me, just start to worry about something. Pretty soon you will either be sick to your stomach or have a headache… or both. Your emotions are very strong, and they can affect your digestive system and nervous system in a small matter of time.

I’ve had my share of doubts lately. I’ve been doubtful about my choice to finish a college education, and whether it is a selfish goal. I’ve questioned myself as to whether the training of my children is helping them grow to be mature and wise adults. I’ve wondered if I have damaged any relationships by my type-A personality.

And, then I have to stop… I realize that some things are out of my control, yet other things are controllable. But, does that mean that I should always doubt and be fearful? No way. These little thoughts are negative seeds that have been planted in my brain. I can be my own worst enemy.

Oh, but this is such a negative view of life. Well, maybe, but it is reality. We all have our good days, and we all have our troublesome days. The whole point is to know your limits and be prepared. The concept of doubt does not have to solely remain as the antonym of confidence. It could also be the shadowy version of caution. It is a preliminary step toward a change in direction. Sure, the chosen path may have been less than desirable, but a good dose of humility, forgiveness, and change in attitude can make that path real, rational, and resolved.

Stop worrying. Stop fretting. Stop degrading myself. Start believing. Start singing for joy. Start affirming the positive thoughts.

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) AKJV

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