Politics, Reflection

In Five Days…

Five days from now our country’s citizens will be voting for new leadership. The past four years have been such a drastic change for my family and I, that I am anxious to know the results now. I just want to waive a white flag of surrender in the midst of the red and blue.

My hope is so simple, yet it is difficult to put into words. I want to see the next four years as hopeful, rather than helpless. I want to see the change that will bring personal responsibility and respect to the forefront. Here is my wish list for that I can only hope and pray:

Economically, I wish to see a cap on the spending and a beginning of reduction in expenses. There are only a few major players who hold the nation’s purse strings, and I’d like to see accountability, frugality, and clarity. This is much easier said than done, and I have yet to see positive results. Unemployment is higher, foreclosures are higher, and the debt is higher than ever. The trend needs to reverse or our country will become a national ghost town in the next century.

Environmentally, I wish to see the continued preservation of our national parks, to be enjoyed by all, but protected at the fullest measure. We have a symbiotic relationship with nature, and it needs to have the highest regard for its preservation and care.

Educationally, I wish to see passion and perseverance return to the classroom. Our schools are cranking out graduates that don’t care about learning, let alone the desire to learn on their own. Our children are bored with standardized teaching and testing, and they are being taught that they don’t have to think on their own. It is time to end the spoon-fed lectures and boring worksheets. Let’s bring “life” back into the classroom.

Executively, I wish to see more leaders show true leadership, rather than act like puppets funded by the highest bidder. We need more men and women to stand up and lead the masses with humility, honor, and privilege. We need the current leaders to train future leaders as they prepare to pass the baton of position.

Ethically and morally, I wish to see a return of a family-centered values for a harmonious community. Strong families build strong neighborhoods, and strong neighborhoods build strong communities. The process continues to build strong cities, states, and thus a strong nation. We need to stop thinking of “me” and what others can do for “me.” We need to become outward-focused and see what we can accomplish and provide to the community as a collective force.

Lastly, I wish that our nation will continue to uphold the beliefs of the founding fathers that drafted the Constitution and Declaration of Independence so long ago. My prayer is that people will have the desire to return to the foundation upon which our country was built. Most of us tend to run in many directions during each day, and we seldom take the time to breathe in fresh air through conscious thought. We forget that life doesn’t have to be so fast paced. We can take the time to become more thoughtful of our surroundings.

Again, these things are on my wish list. What may happen in the next five days will either create new hope or not.