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3 survival tools for a woman: a cup, a chip, and a pill

20130724-191622.jpgIt would be a lie if I didn’t tell you that I take drugs. Yes, it’s this little oval pill that I call my “happy” pill. I also consume a daily cup of a legal stimulant that contains caffeine. And, yes, there’s a sweet little cacao bean that helps in a pinch when I can’t have the other two substances.

Yesterday was one of “those” days.

I was a woman on a rampage, and not a mission. I have my hormones to thank for that. “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman” is not only a line in a song, but it is OH SO TRUE! I felt so out of control, and all I could do was eat, whine, and be frumpy.

This is not a pretty picture of myself. I shouldn’t publicly declare my indecencies. But, I know as a human being, and especially as a woman, I am NOT alone. Every day, somewhere in this world, is a woman who is going through what I went through yesterday.

Thank goodness for a new day! I woke up this morning to a refreshing sunny day, and I took the time to put myself together enough to face the new day. I made sure I put in a 3 mile power walk before the heat of summer commenced!

I made a pot of coffee (just enough for me), I drank my morning energy shake/smoothie, and I even made a balanced breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, toast, and milk for my girl. I only ate the eggs, though.

Some days are just like that. You wake up, and there’s no warning signal. There are good days, and there are bad days. There are girly hormones that make you want to throw a fit (and that’s a gentle description). There are sunny days and cloudy days that drive your sinuses crazy. Some days are just not a good fit. But, most days are better.

So, in the midst of misery, I found my solace in a cup of comforting caffeine, a handful of chocolate chips, or in a little oval pill. I should have stopped everything, though, and just fallen on my face in prayer. But, I did doing some praying later. Oh yes, and I made a phone call to a dear friend ~ every woman needs a good girlfriend who completely understands her.

Can you guess what I’ll do the next time I find myself on a rampage? Well, hopefully, that won’t happen in the near future… but you can bet that I’ll have a cup, a chip, and a pill nearby to smooth out the edges and pull me away from the proverbial ledge of emotional despair.

PS – I am willing to give out a hug today šŸ™‚

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