A place of perfect serenity…

20130724-191445.jpgThis is what I look forward to when I make my way back to my childhood stomping grounds: Beautiful Corona Del Mar State Beach in Southern California! I don’t get to visit here as often as I would like, but when I do, I am in total awe of the magnificence and beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

I live in a land-locked state that receives very little rain. So, any amount of water, whether it is from the sky or even a man-made lake, is welcoming to my soul. I think this is why I miss the ocean so much. The vastness and endless blue water seems to drown out my parched spirit.

The Bible is full of references to water. Water is life; water is cleansing; water is pure. Water is what makes up 70% of the world’s surface, and ironically, that same percentage is what we have in our bodies, too!

Water puts life back into something that is drying out. But, we must be careful, for too much water can be deadly. There must always be a delicate balance with water.

Above is a picture-perfect day at the ocean. It is a gentle reminder of a picture-perfect Creator, who designed this world with such beauty that I cannot do much more than just soak in that beauty. Thank you, Lord, for these sweet simple reminders of your faithfulness and love.

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