Faith, motherhood

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful little girl…


The faith of a child also shows the innocence of a child.

My dear 7 year old daughter decided to buy these beautiful carnations for me, “…just because, Mommy.” How many people have the simple mindset of unconditional love like that? I know that I struggle with giving to others. It is not that I don’t want to give, but sometimes I put so much pressure on myself that I begin to worry what others will think of the gift that I plan to give them. How silly is that? My little girl did not think twice about her effort or idea of giving; she just put her mind in motion and did it. Spontaneous? Yes. But, she did think through her actions.

I could learn some lessons from my daughter, that’s for sure. I would love to “let go” of the millions of thoughts that swirl through my head, and just be free in my actions and my words. I don’t want to be careless, but I want to be less burdened by the incessant voice of conscience (good vs. evil) in my mind.

I will cherish these flowers as long as they are living in my vase. I will use each opportunity of admiration as one of encouragement as well. Be a little spontaneous, be more generous, reach out in love.

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