Curing Boredom with Board games


My little girl just loves to play this game! Of course, when I was her age, I loved this game, too! I can remember sitting outside on the sidewalk, setting up the game, and hoping that someone would play with me. There’s something special about playing a board game, and every kid knows it.

Bored? Get on Board!

The cure for boredom can be found in playing a board game. Even though it may be less entertaining than the latest electronic gadget, a board game allows two or more people to connect on a social level that is also educational, fun, and heck…. face to face! The best way to feel connected with another person is to interact with each other, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy each others company.

Self Education

So much can be learned through a board game, too. You can learn about strategy (especially when playing checkers or chess); you can learn about mathematics (such as making change in monopoly); and, you can learn about certain life experiences in a surreal way. No matter what is learned, you will feel more accomplished at the end of the game.

Real Socialization

A board game must be played with the foreknowledge that two personalities may clash at any time. There are two levels of intellect that come together. There are two worldviews that may see the board in a distinctive light. Yet, all of these differences can be enriching and nourishing for the developing brain. Even the soul can feel “fulfilled” through this type of entertainment and interaction.

Get Real!

Get unplugged and pull out a board game. Gather a friend or family member to the table, set up the scene, and start playing! You won’t regret it 🙂

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