I looked outside and saw my little girl swinging on the horse stall. There’s one component missing in this picture: a horse! Yet, she still loves to go outside, and frolic in the yard with the goats and the chickens. I can remember the carefree days of childhood, where imagination takes center stage, and playtime consisted of pure, raw, simple fun.

This past week the pastor at my church encouraged each one of us to take time to unplug. This is difficult to do, especially while writing this post! We are all so wrapped up on the latest tweet or like that we tend to focus our energy into a digital screen. Since I have four children who were born in the latest generation, this challenge will not be easy to overcome.

Countless words are written each day by the keyboard to share our thoughts or opinions. Countless pictures are taken and instantly promoted to the public domain. For all the time spent (and possibly wasted) in front of the monitor, we could be frolicking in the backyard, getting to know the hearts of our children. Even if some are childless, there could be ways to enjoy the moment of living without technology.

Two weeks ago, my family had a taste of the lack of electricity when our downstairs AC unit decided to give up. We had to wait almost five days for a new compressor to be installed. It would have been completely unbearable to wait, except for the fact that we found relief upstairs. It seems that no matter how simple I’d like to live (without the constraints of technology), I am guilty of leaning too much on its convenience. I am still yearning to be prepared to live like I am camping in a tent, with no electricity or running water.

In the meantime, I am training my heart and mind to be more in tune with the master of the unplugged world: my Lord. I also desire to see that my husband and children would find satisfaction and contentment in becoming unplugged as well. Since it’s easier (and less nagging) to change my own behavior, I will start with me.

Are there any goals in this challenge? Why, yes:

  • To become a better wife and mom
  • to become a stronger person in all four ways (physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally)
  • to become more in tune with my Savior and Lord

Someday, these words will encourage someone. I just know it. If it happens to be you, dear reader, will you kindly reply to this post?

Blessings to you and all who find encouragement here.

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