My Dog has a Window Seat


My dog Penny loves to go outside. The other day I was preoccupied with my dirty dishes, and I looked up to see her smiling, panting face looking at me through the window. I was so overwhelmed with “awe” for her precious attention toward me, that I stopped washing my dishes to capture this moment.

Of all the animals on the planet, I truly believe that a dog was meant to bring us joy. My sweet little (rather, she’s quite medium-sized) Penny has the largest amount of unconditional love I have ever witnessed. She happily greets anyone who comes to our door (no stranger-danger in this pup!) and always desires a pat on the head or a rub on her belly!

Sometimes I think that God has allowed these domesticated animals to show us how to love unconditionally, as well. Even when we are stinky, whiny, and down right mean, a dog can come up to us and give us a lick. This small gesture reminds me that I am forgiven, I am loved, and I am accepted.

So, I won’t ever forget this lovely moment between Penny and me. She makes me want to be a better person by learning to unconditionally love others, just as she unconditionally loves me.

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