I can't compete

The world of blogging, pinning, tweeting, posting, and texting has taken the world by storm. It’s a new storm of technology, where people are trying to one-up each other with a better word, or picture, or video. Good heavens! Videos, of all things, are the newest craze with the young crowd. It’s so much technology to ingest, and I just can’t compete.

Don’t get me wrong. I love reading the latest blog post from an acquaintance or person I follow that has similar convictions and worldviews. I love being on the computer and smart phone at times, checking on the statuses of my friends. I even love watching the occasional video that my kids insist I view on their Vines page.

Secretly, in my heart of hearts, I wish that I could shut down the equipment for a month. It’s difficult to do in an age where everyone relies on the latest form of modern technology to get them through their workday, their schedules, their lives. I am so proud that I finally gave up the latest craze of a popular candy game. I feel so much relief in not bothering myself with trying to make it to the next level. Again, I can’t compete.

An acquaintance of mine recently posted about an epiphany she had regarding her family. I think it was so relieving to read that her view of “abnormal” was actually “normal” in my book. She does not need to worry about what other think of her, and she had to share it. So what if someone views you as “abnormal” because you don’t “do life” in the same way that they do? It’s so refreshing to not have to compete with others.

My reply to her was so simple: “Brooke, I am sure that your post was very timely for many of us here! I am glad to know that there is no such thing as a “normal” homeschooling family… let alone a “normal” non-homeschooling family. The definition of “normal” is so overrated anyway, because it’s completely subjective in nature. Sure, there is a societal view of “normal” but I haven’t seen too many “normal” people in public lately. Maybe it’s because I’m biased, or prejudiced, or ignorant, or walking around with horse blinders. Either way, God created each of us to be unique, and I think that your view of homeschooling is “perfect” for your family. It’s so easy to try and compare ourselves to other bloggers, mothers, pinterest posts, facebook statuses, etc… When, really, God calls us to be REAL, AUTHENTIC, and UNIQUE.”

My life can’t compete with her life, nor can it compete with the surreal world of connections. Although my friends are “real” on the other side of the HDMI cable, it’s too much pressure to get wrapped up in competition. I’d rather have a cup of coffee at my patio table and converse with a friend any day, then to flex my cyber-muscles of how much I know or am connected in the world wide web. Call me a Gutenberger. Give me a real book to read, or a pen and paper to write a real letter. Or heck, pick up a telephone (not a cell phone) and make an actual call.

Because I can’t compete with all the technology, I am typing this down on a blog, how ironic, to remind myself of one thing: I just want to be real, authentic, and unique.

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