Friendship, Reflection

Two Generations of Besties

How many people can say that their child is a best friend to the child of their own best friend?

I can!


I met my dear friend Rebecca back in August of 1989, shortly after graduating from high school. I was so amazed by her outgoing and magnetic personality! She could come into any room and her presence was known in an instant! I was still going through my “trying to overcome painful shyness” period of adolescence, and I looked up to Rebecca to show me the way!

We have always kept in touch, no matter how far apart we were from each other. She would visit my parents when I was away at college in 1993, and I visited her to say goodbye in 1994, as she moved to Colorado with her family.

We spent many good times together, and one of my favorite memories was when Rebecca rented an electric blue Ford Mustang, and picked me up for our birthday celebration! We drove all the way to San Diego, and spent an entire day at Sea World. It was my first “girls only” getaway, and I will always treasure that time!

Fast forward to July 2006, and I get a call from Rebecca out of the blue. I had just given birth to my daughter, Cadence, and she was calling to check in on me (it had been a few years since we had corresponded to each other). Shockingly, I found out that she had given birth to a baby girl as well…. exactly nine months earlier to the same day!

Our baby girls are nine months apart. It took them nine seconds to become instant best friends when they met last  year for the first time!

There are friendships that come and go with the changing seasons, but then there are friendships that stick together to the very end of time.

My friendship with Rebecca is a lifetime friendship. She and I have grown closer to each other over the years, and we now call each other, “our sister from another mother.”

What a wonderful opportunity to find a bosom friend, just like Anne Shirley and Diana Barry found in each other (from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery).

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