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Six Roses

Six Roses

Capturing the brief beauty of six roses right now.

These roses are long gone now. A few weeks ago my rose bush decided to bloom as springtime arrived sharp and suddenly in the desert. So I picked six roses to capture their beauty in my home.

This is a great reminder of how short and fleeting beauty is in life. It’s here for a moment, and then it’s gone. Forever.

I love how new beauty will emerge and take its place. Each new spring boasts of beautiful newness and wonder.

Key point: I need to remind myself not to get too cocky or too proud. I’m only here for a little bit, and my life is fleeting.

I want to be a bright spot in my own little world, hoping to encourage my family and friends with the gifts and talents that God has given me.

But, one day it will all fade. I will grow old. You will grow old, too. We will no longer have our beauty. No wonder the “experts” call it aging spots. We will have a spot in this world, but it’s one that has earned its mark with time and aging.

The next time you see a beautiful flower, think of its fleeting beauty. Enjoy the moment. Be thankful and grateful for its reminder of the beauty around us.


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