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Nine Fruits: Part One – Love

arrow_heartOut with the Old

I have recently gone through some old journals, and I came across too many pages where my personal thoughts are somewhat sad. I don’t always remember why I wrote those particular words on that particular day, but I did. I want to change my overall tune. So, I have decided to take a step back, and try and view things from a higher perspective. Yes, a view from a heavenly perspective.

Nine Fruits of the Spirit

In the New Testament book of Galatians, there are nine fruits of the Spirit. The first fruit that is mentioned is LOVE. There is no doubt in my mind why the Apostle Paul wrote about love as the first fruit. It is the one virtue that keeps this world spinning, from person to person, and from God to people. God created us out of His Love. God wants us to love each other and to love Him. Most people have the ability to love someone or something. It’s in our nature, because we were made from love.

I choose love…

As I ponder back over to my journals, I see that the trend in my life has to been to blend love with griping. Now, that’s not fair to God, nor is it fair to my family. If I truly love God and love people, I shouldn’t be griping. I have to stand strong and choose love above all that may seem unfair, hopeless, or depressing. True, this life on earth can be very depressing! And, it’s easier said than done to shake off that sadness and choose to love instead. I will admit that I find it hard to love at times. I tend to be a “conditional” person, who demonstrates love based on performance, ability, or plain old circumstance. How shallow I am! God wants me (and He wants us all) to love without condition. No holds barred. No prejudices. No fakeness. Just plain, simple, love.

My Accountability

My hope is that I can find someone who will hold me accountable as I journal to change my heart and my mind toward these nine fruits of the Spirit. We all have the innate ability to love. We were born that way, but perhaps somewhere in our personal journey we were thwarted in love. We were ripped off, abandoned, teased, or rejected. I want to shake off that dusty past of pain and move forward with positive thinking! I can choose love, and I know I can tap into my innate ability to love unconditionally again.


Manhood, Marriage and Family

DAD 101

From Father… to Dad

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Anyone can be a Father, but it takes a special person to be a Dad.” Well, I find it to be so true. There are so many men out there who are fathers, but there are precious few who can honestly win the Best Dad contest.

I guess I am a little biased since I am married to one of the best dads I know. He has fathered four amazing children, and he has spent the past 18 years investing every bit of free time into spending time with them. If you know my family on a personal level, you can vouch for me that I am telling the truth.

I have always told my hubby that he should write a book on being a Dad. Of course, there are some good books out there already. The problem is this: most men do not like to read books. Sure, they’ll read articles on the internet, or quick messages on the tweet board, but rarely do most grown men take the time to read a novel.

The Challenge for You, Dad…

May I make a recommendation? If you happen to stumble across this post (and you are a father), please pick up a good non-fiction book on fatherhood. I promise you there are good ones out there. I have a couple in mind that I will post at the end in case you don’t know where to start your research. I honestly believe that if a man wants to be a good father, he will invest time in his children. But, if a man wants to be a great father, he needs to invest time in himself. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, I’m talking about self-improvement or self-efficacy investment. Think of reading these novels as an inexpensive life coaching session – one that will reap unlimited amounts of growth in your relationship with your kids.

Some Great Resources:

Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz

Boy’s Passage Man’s Journey by Brian D. Molitor

Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson

Genesis of a Legacy by Ken Ham and Steve Ham

Midlife Manual for Men by Stephen Arterburn and John Shore

The Man God Uses by Henry and Tom Blackaby

Happy Father’s Day 2014!  You are special!

Be the Light to your children in this dark world!