Fire and Numb

Whenever I encounter a word more than once in a single day, I sit up straighter and pay attention. You see, I believe that one time encounter is a glimpse. But, to hear it and see it and experience it two or more times… well, that, my friend, is providential.

And today, there are two words that came into my view. Usually, I have one word that pops up and I take notice. But, not today. Today is extra special.

The First Gift

Screenshot_20181103-153821_Instagram (2)

My friend and coworker sent me this image on Instagram. And right there, the word FIRE just stood out like… a burning bush. Whoa. And, then I read the rest of the message… and I processed it.

I must become the fire.

But, I didn’t think about it so much until I read the same word again in a book called Restless by Jennie Allen. Chapter 7 – Fire is mentioned again.

OK. I am paying attention now.

The Second Gift


I texted a long-time friend today and told her how I was feeling numb. Just catatonic and restless and all-out hopeless. It’s a process. I am learning to ebb and flow with the emotions and feelings and experiences. And guess what… she told me it’s okay to feel this way.

We ALL feel this way at some point. We are allowed to feel this way.

Just don’t park your car there and camp out in Numbville.

And, of course, in reading the same chapter of the same book mentioned above, the word NUMB came into the picture. I sat up straighter. Took notice. Processed. And moved forward.

As I journal about my journey through this process driven life, my hope and goal is one in the same: to shed some encouragement to a reader.

You may be hurt and searching for HOPE like me. You may feel numb too.

And when the numbness hits, shake it off, get those nerve endings to feel again through the process of acknowledgment, acceptance, and admiration.

And then stand up straighter and walk forward. Journey on, my friends.

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