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Blood Convos

Lunar light and heavy thoughts

Last night the western hemisphere witnessed the viewing of the spectacular super blood wolf moon. Although my little area was covered in a wispy layer of clouds, we were able to watch the moon rise in its glory and then disappear by 9:40 p.m. into a shadowy covering.

My 12 year old daughter and I sat in the patio area of our backyard, as the last glimmer of the sun’s reflection sparkled from the top of the moon, looking similar to a kippah. Then, a brief moment later, earth’s shadow swallowed up the remaining light, and the moon began to change into a brilliant reddish-orange color.

The conversation that began earlier in the evening evolved from laughter-filled pre-teen innuendos to a somber-bewildered pondering of ‘the end of the world’ topic. The light that normally consumes my daughter’s view of life disappeared at the same time that the moon decided to play peek-a-boo with the earth. She began to ask questions, and I sat there to answer in the calmest manner I could.

There are seldom conversations about the deep and heavy thoughts in life, especially when it derives from the mind of a young person. For someone so young yet so wise to ask such philosophical, scientific, and faith-based questions, it brings about the very thoughts I ponder as a mid-life woman.

And I smile.

We were able to divulge into the topic of the beginning of life (think BIG) and where we are headed as a planet, as a human race, as a small part of the Universe. We discussed our beliefs, our fears, our hopes, and our priorities. Yet, no matter how much was shared to ease this curious young mind, I did not have all of the answers.

I am learning through this process driven life that we aren’t always meant to know the destination. And sometimes, we may know the hopeful destination, but the journey still scares the bejeezers out of our souls. And, then, when the fear has floated in the forefront for a moment, we push it aside and let the time pass as it should. For if we knew what would happen in our future (and I am visualizing the horrible movie Knowing) then our world would be consumed in continual chaos and anarchy.

At the end of our blood conversation I know she found more solace in her thoughts. She and I shared a few moments of mother-daughter snuggle time, and she drifted off into a peaceful sleep. As a seasoned mother of four I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to guide and shape this young woman-to-be. The goal of my process driven life is to do that just that. Be present. Be available. But most importantly, BE intentional.

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