Word of the Day: Distractions

I have written about this before, but I wanted to share it again. If I read a particular word once in a day from one source I carefully consider its message. But, when I encounter the same word a second time from another source, I sit up straighter and pay attention.

The Universe wanted me to be aware of distractions today.

I find it very easy to be distracted on a regular basis. Whether it is the digital attraction of social media to the accident on the side of the road, we are easily distracted as humans.

And I find it difficult to avoid the distractions on some occasions.

In my journey of becoming process driven I have to embrace what is set right before me. And if that “whatever” is a distraction then I will embrace it.

But only for a moment.

After that point I do my best to politely or intentionally change my course. This is the stark difference between complacency and competence.

Many of us are on a mental map of cruise control. We set the course, but then we let go of the steering wheel. We allow ourselves to be distracted by the urgent instead of grabbing the wheel and steering toward the present intention.

I have found people can be a huge source of distraction when we are set to cruise control. They may be lovely or caring or even downright genuine, but sometimes we need to step away and take time for self in order to get back on track.

As I ponder on distraction I will quickly allow it to be acknowledged, and then I will move forward in my process driven goals.

Moderation. Balance. Intention.

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