Random, Reflection

Bend and Snap Your Way to Life

I am a child of the 80s.

I love anything and everything that shines brightly, promotes big hair, and sings without any auto tunes.

And I am a fan of glow sticks. Those little neon tubes are so fun to crack, shake, and wear. It reminds me of my younger years running around Disneyland at night as the parade marched by and the fireworks blasted in the air.

As someone who is methodically meandering through the middle aged years, I find life more complicated. In the past I could shake off a minor hiccup and keep life going at full throttle. But nowadays I find myself hitting the brakes, or even going in reverse.

This past month has been one of those “hitting the brakes” periods for me. I experienced a setback recently that felt like I had undone all the healing and progress I had made since 2014.

I was mad at myself.

I felt ashamed. Bewildered. Confused.

But I am learning in these process driven moments that it is okay to bend backwards. Maybe even break a bit while we put on the brakes.

—> Break while we brake. <— that’s good stuff right there.

So I am writing this to encourage you. To give yourself permission and forgiveness and GRACE to slow down. Stop if you must. REVERSE IF YOU HAVE TO.

But, after a spell, find the momentum to start again. Find a friend and share your feelings. Read a good meme to make you laugh out loud. Seek the things that fill your soul.

We are all little neon glow sticks ready to shine. We may need a nudge or a bend or twist to light up. Just like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde… girl, you gotta bend and snap! It works every time!!

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