Faith, Reflection

3 Nails… 3 Days

The Old Rugged Cross.

My mind cannot wrap around the reality of a death like this. It is beyond fathomable, comprehensible, and indescribable.

To be punctured by three nails, stripped almost naked, a crown of thorns piercing the skull, and placed vertically for hours until the body completely suffocates… he didn’t deserve this.

Yet, over 2000 years ago this was the most brutal form of punishment by death. This was reserved for the worst of the worst. The greatest felon received pure torture.

Oh, how pensive I have been. How quiet and still my soul has become since Maundy Thursday. Words are difficult to form. Thoughts are circling.

In the midst of all of this I am grateful and at peace. I am so humbled and thankful. I don’t deserve the grace and the mercy given to me by my Savior.

Whether you believe this story to be true or not, my soul verifies its truth in me. I know that I know that I know. And no one can change my mind.

You may have a different view. It depends on how you were raised. What you were taught. Beliefs you were made to know and understand. No matter what or how or why, as an adult you have the choice to walk away from it or embrace it.

I am not sure how much longer our world will recognize and celebrate the Lord’s death and resurrection. We live in a time where right is wrong, good is bad, and religion is a sham. But, I don’t see my faith as a religion… my beliefs are not my ticket to God.

The cross is the only way. And it’s up to me to walk away… or embrace it.

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