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Soothing the Soul

I found the above meme on another popular page today. Thank you ‘Empaths, Old Souls, and Introverts’ for sharing.

These words really hit a dart to my heart. And I began to ponder… am I finding deep, meaningful conversations with others? Am I sharing life and love and everything in between under the moonlit sky? Am I soothing my soul with the love I so desire to give myself? Am I being true to myself?

In the journey of becoming process driven there are moments of such profound clarity. When life throws a curveball and knocks you off track, find your way back through self accountability. Keep something in your presence to remind yourself of your journey this far.

And keep going. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Dont go cheap on yourself for a quick fix. Invest in yourself. Invest in soothing and nourishing your soul.

Find those friends and soulmates who will go deep with you. Ground yourself in roots of raw love and integrity and intelligence.

You got this. 2020 is about to begin. Start out the gate strong and determined.

Goals, Reflection

The July Effect

I looked out my front window this morning and thought, “Wow, six months ago it was New Years Day!” As I continued to ponder that moment a few more times in my pre-coffeed brain, I realized that the first of July could be as equally as productive as the first of January! Every new day, every new month, and heck — every Monday — can be a start-from-fresh-with-no-mistakes-in-it kind of day. We just need to rewire our brains that everyday is brand spankin’ new.

Of course as I perused through two of my social media sites I see that people are now making July into a verb: July-ing. I have also seen a meme or two about July 1st as a new Month and Monday all wrapped in one. Great! Keep up the good work you smart people!

Instead of calling it July-ing, I want to buck that newish trend and just embrace it as I would see it: The July Effect. For in my little mindset, July is a month that represents all that I love… summer vacation, hot weather, swimming pools, BBQ parties, fireworks, staying up late and sleeping in, and running around in bare feet (as long as I am indoors).

The July Effect is also a time to look back at the past six months and re-evaluate the year so far. Did I keep any resolutions? Did I accomplish any goals? Did I improve and better my life? Even if I didn’t keep a resolution, or accomplish a specific goal, I know that I honestly put forth the effort to better my life.


Well, I made smaller, daily goals. Whether I made the time to take my 2-mile power walk, or eat clean (high protein, lower carb, not processed if possible), read my positive affirmations, write in my journal, get my spiritual fix through great authors, or just REST, I hit many of those smaller goals.

And, I will continue with those small doses.

They say that in order to eat an elephant, you need to take one bite at a time. Well, I am not in the mood to eat an elephant, literally or metaphorically, so I have chosen the less traveled, backroads path of small bites, small steps, small motions forward.

And that’s the KEY… moving forward, even if it is at a snail’s pace.

A sweet friend reminded me recently that both the turtle and the hare finished the race. So it doesn’t matter how fast you go, your consistency is the KEY. Daily, small, incremental steps.

So, I encourage you today to embrace the July Effect with promise and positivity. Reflect on the past six months, but don’t let it discourage you in any way. Refocus your goals for today and through December 31st, but don’t let them overwhelm you. And lastly, Resume your speed in moving forward. You got this. I got this. Together, we are making LIFE happen.