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Soothing the Soul

I found the above meme on another popular page today. Thank you ‘Empaths, Old Souls, and Introverts’ for sharing.

These words really hit a dart to my heart. And I began to ponder… am I finding deep, meaningful conversations with others? Am I sharing life and love and everything in between under the moonlit sky? Am I soothing my soul with the love I so desire to give myself? Am I being true to myself?

In the journey of becoming process driven there are moments of such profound clarity. When life throws a curveball and knocks you off track, find your way back through self accountability. Keep something in your presence to remind yourself of your journey this far.

And keep going. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Dont go cheap on yourself for a quick fix. Invest in yourself. Invest in soothing and nourishing your soul.

Find those friends and soulmates who will go deep with you. Ground yourself in roots of raw love and integrity and intelligence.

You got this. 2020 is about to begin. Start out the gate strong and determined.

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The July Effect

I looked out my front window this morning and thought, “Wow, six months ago it was New Years Day!” As I continued to ponder that moment a few more times in my pre-coffeed brain, I realized that the first of July could be as equally as productive as the first of January! Every new day, every new month, and heck — every Monday — can be a start-from-fresh-with-no-mistakes-in-it kind of day. We just need to rewire our brains that everyday is brand spankin’ new.

Of course as I perused through two of my social media sites I see that people are now making July into a verb: July-ing. I have also seen a meme or two about July 1st as a new Month and Monday all wrapped in one. Great! Keep up the good work you smart people!

Instead of calling it July-ing, I want to buck that newish trend and just embrace it as I would see it: The July Effect. For in my little mindset, July is a month that represents all that I love… summer vacation, hot weather, swimming pools, BBQ parties, fireworks, staying up late and sleeping in, and running around in bare feet (as long as I am indoors).

The July Effect is also a time to look back at the past six months and re-evaluate the year so far. Did I keep any resolutions? Did I accomplish any goals? Did I improve and better my life? Even if I didn’t keep a resolution, or accomplish a specific goal, I know that I honestly put forth the effort to better my life.


Well, I made smaller, daily goals. Whether I made the time to take my 2-mile power walk, or eat clean (high protein, lower carb, not processed if possible), read my positive affirmations, write in my journal, get my spiritual fix through great authors, or just REST, I hit many of those smaller goals.

And, I will continue with those small doses.

They say that in order to eat an elephant, you need to take one bite at a time. Well, I am not in the mood to eat an elephant, literally or metaphorically, so I have chosen the less traveled, backroads path of small bites, small steps, small motions forward.

And that’s the KEY… moving forward, even if it is at a snail’s pace.

A sweet friend reminded me recently that both the turtle and the hare finished the race. So it doesn’t matter how fast you go, your consistency is the KEY. Daily, small, incremental steps.

So, I encourage you today to embrace the July Effect with promise and positivity. Reflect on the past six months, but don’t let it discourage you in any way. Refocus your goals for today and through December 31st, but don’t let them overwhelm you. And lastly, Resume your speed in moving forward. You got this. I got this. Together, we are making LIFE happen.

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Crazy Beautiful

There is a popular song on the radio these days called, “Crazy Beautiful.”

I absolutely love the lyrics. I am not sure how much I can type without infringing on a copyright issue, so you can just click here for the link.

We are all beautiful creatures, made in the image of an amazing Creator. And you, yes YOU, have so many attributes about yourself to bless others. Take a moment to look at those wonderful qualities: your smile, your mind, your eyes, your hands, your heart.

Some of us have never been told to search for the beauty in ourselves, let alone in anything else. I can remember when my eyes were finally opened to truly looking and searching for the beautiful things.

A wonderful lady, whom I will call one of my mentors, showed the endless possibilities of finding the beauty in this crazy thing called LIFE. And once I saw it, I couldn’t stop noticing all of the beauty all around me.

Here is a small list of treasures that I know are true in beauty:

  • A sunrise and/or sunset
  • A newborn baby
  • Flowers in bloom
  • Water in motion (ocean, stream, rain)
  • Children laughing and playing
  • A fresh cup of coffee
  • Mountains and tall trees
  • Hands that hold something gently
  • A warmly decorated table of food
  • A fire on the hearth
  • Two people hugging

As I ponder on becoming process driven through my second-half-journey, I have to remember that I need to be my own kind of beautiful, too. I need to embrace the crazy beautiful that makes me… well, me.

And the same goes for you. Have you embraced your own kind of beautiful? Have you accepted and believed and cherished the things that make you, YOU?

If not, I encourage you to start right now. Stand in front of a mirror and smile. Smile at yourself. If you have lost track of who you are , take a moment to introduce yourself. Get acquainted with the person inside. Embrace her (or him). Show some love.

It may sound crazy, but it’s a beautiful way to live and share your beauty with others.

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3 Nails… 3 Days

The Old Rugged Cross.

My mind cannot wrap around the reality of a death like this. It is beyond fathomable, comprehensible, and indescribable.

To be punctured by three nails, stripped almost naked, a crown of thorns piercing the skull, and placed vertically for hours until the body completely suffocates… he didn’t deserve this.

Yet, over 2000 years ago this was the most brutal form of punishment by death. This was reserved for the worst of the worst. The greatest felon received pure torture.

Oh, how pensive I have been. How quiet and still my soul has become since Maundy Thursday. Words are difficult to form. Thoughts are circling.

In the midst of all of this I am grateful and at peace. I am so humbled and thankful. I don’t deserve the grace and the mercy given to me by my Savior.

Whether you believe this story to be true or not, my soul verifies its truth in me. I know that I know that I know. And no one can change my mind.

You may have a different view. It depends on how you were raised. What you were taught. Beliefs you were made to know and understand. No matter what or how or why, as an adult you have the choice to walk away from it or embrace it.

I am not sure how much longer our world will recognize and celebrate the Lord’s death and resurrection. We live in a time where right is wrong, good is bad, and religion is a sham. But, I don’t see my faith as a religion… my beliefs are not my ticket to God.

The cross is the only way. And it’s up to me to walk away… or embrace it.


Stop the Ferris Wheel

Here is a screen shot of my IG page. I tend to write more consistently there, and I believe that the message is still the same.

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Plant the Seed

We have all heard this before.

Well, maybe most of us…

Those who plant the seed may not always be the one who gets to water that seed. But, if we are blessed, we may be able to witness that seed sprout and grow in the future.

I have to slow down and remind myself to be patient. Especially in times of seed planting… not literally in seed planting, for I tend to have a black thumb.

But my type of seed planting is that of encouragement or knowledge or just… wisdom from a mid-life mama.

I have watched how my own four children have grown into some amazing human beings. As much as I want to take credit for their awesomeness, I realize that most of my “mothering” was really seed planting of their hearts and souls. I gave them consistency and intention and a whole lot of love and grace.

I believe that our society is lacking so much growth these days. The soil of our souls is depleted, and when a seed is planted we tend to grow cold, grow weeds, or just wither up and die.

We are in desperate need of a revival. A societal revival that emphasizes nourishing the soul of our souls. Taking time to find the things that make us grow as humans.






Remember, as I share my thoughts with you I am preaching to the choir. I am my own audience, too. I need to hear and see and believe these things.

For then, when my soul is nourished, the seeds that I plant in myself can grow in a healthy way. And I can bring the fruits of my labor to you, dear reader.

May you be blessed today because of your investment to become process driven, too.




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Bend and Snap Your Way to Life

I am a child of the 80s.

I love anything and everything that shines brightly, promotes big hair, and sings without any auto tunes.

And I am a fan of glow sticks. Those little neon tubes are so fun to crack, shake, and wear. It reminds me of my younger years running around Disneyland at night as the parade marched by and the fireworks blasted in the air.

As someone who is methodically meandering through the middle aged years, I find life more complicated. In the past I could shake off a minor hiccup and keep life going at full throttle. But nowadays I find myself hitting the brakes, or even going in reverse.

This past month has been one of those “hitting the brakes” periods for me. I experienced a setback recently that felt like I had undone all the healing and progress I had made since 2014.

I was mad at myself.

I felt ashamed. Bewildered. Confused.

But I am learning in these process driven moments that it is okay to bend backwards. Maybe even break a bit while we put on the brakes.

—> Break while we brake. <— that’s good stuff right there.

So I am writing this to encourage you. To give yourself permission and forgiveness and GRACE to slow down. Stop if you must. REVERSE IF YOU HAVE TO.

But, after a spell, find the momentum to start again. Find a friend and share your feelings. Read a good meme to make you laugh out loud. Seek the things that fill your soul.

We are all little neon glow sticks ready to shine. We may need a nudge or a bend or twist to light up. Just like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde… girl, you gotta bend and snap! It works every time!!

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Taking back my power

Healing begins the moment you choose to take your power back.

I never realized before that I always had the power within me. I knew I was strong and independent, but I allowed too many people to come in and take the wind right out of my sails.

And for years I suffered.

Why do we allow others to have this much control? Why do we cower when we feel guilt or shame? Why are we not standing up for ourselves?

The only answer that I can muster is that I was a people pleaser. I wanted to be liked. No, I wanted to be loved. I wanted to be valued.

I wanted to matter.

But, there is a cost when it comes to relationships. Whether you invest in a friendship or a love relationship there is a cost.

It will cost you your time.

It will cost you your energy.

It will cost you your heart.

Because, if you are anything like me, you truly value your investment in humans. You have a deep love for connection. You treasure the precious moments and memories.

And sometimes that investment will take rather than give.

The key is to be prepared. A healthy person must know ahead of time that other humans are gonna fail you!

YOU are going to fail you.

Yet, if you know the risks and you choose to accept the chance anyway, then failure may be an option.

But failure is NOT a permanent option.

It is a…

F – first

A – attempt

I – in

L – learning

If you allow yourself to catch some scrapes and bruises, your heart “skin” will become a little thicker. Your mind will become wiser. And your soul will become stronger.

In the journey of becoming process driven, I am choosing to take my power BACK.

I am choosing to guard my heart more, to solidify my soul more, and to still find human tenderness in the trenches.

So look out 2019!

I’m baaaaack!



Word of the Day: Distractions

I have written about this before, but I wanted to share it again. If I read a particular word once in a day from one source I carefully consider its message. But, when I encounter the same word a second time from another source, I sit up straighter and pay attention.

The Universe wanted me to be aware of distractions today.

I find it very easy to be distracted on a regular basis. Whether it is the digital attraction of social media to the accident on the side of the road, we are easily distracted as humans.

And I find it difficult to avoid the distractions on some occasions.

In my journey of becoming process driven I have to embrace what is set right before me. And if that “whatever” is a distraction then I will embrace it.

But only for a moment.

After that point I do my best to politely or intentionally change my course. This is the stark difference between complacency and competence.

Many of us are on a mental map of cruise control. We set the course, but then we let go of the steering wheel. We allow ourselves to be distracted by the urgent instead of grabbing the wheel and steering toward the present intention.

I have found people can be a huge source of distraction when we are set to cruise control. They may be lovely or caring or even downright genuine, but sometimes we need to step away and take time for self in order to get back on track.

As I ponder on distraction I will quickly allow it to be acknowledged, and then I will move forward in my process driven goals.

Moderation. Balance. Intention.

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Fire and Numb

Whenever I encounter a word more than once in a single day, I sit up straighter and pay attention. You see, I believe that one time encounter is a glimpse. But, to hear it and see it and experience it two or more times… well, that, my friend, is providential.

And today, there are two words that came into my view. Usually, I have one word that pops up and I take notice. But, not today. Today is extra special.

The First Gift

Screenshot_20181103-153821_Instagram (2)

My friend and coworker sent me this image on Instagram. And right there, the word FIRE just stood out like… a burning bush. Whoa. And, then I read the rest of the message… and I processed it.

I must become the fire.

But, I didn’t think about it so much until I read the same word again in a book called Restless by Jennie Allen. Chapter 7 – Fire is mentioned again.

OK. I am paying attention now.

The Second Gift


I texted a long-time friend today and told her how I was feeling numb. Just catatonic and restless and all-out hopeless. It’s a process. I am learning to ebb and flow with the emotions and feelings and experiences. And guess what… she told me it’s okay to feel this way.

We ALL feel this way at some point. We are allowed to feel this way.

Just don’t park your car there and camp out in Numbville.

And, of course, in reading the same chapter of the same book mentioned above, the word NUMB came into the picture. I sat up straighter. Took notice. Processed. And moved forward.

As I journal about my journey through this process driven life, my hope and goal is one in the same: to shed some encouragement to a reader.

You may be hurt and searching for HOPE like me. You may feel numb too.

And when the numbness hits, shake it off, get those nerve endings to feel again through the process of acknowledgment, acceptance, and admiration.

And then stand up straighter and walk forward. Journey on, my friends.