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Soothing the Soul

I found the above meme on another popular page today. Thank you ‘Empaths, Old Souls, and Introverts’ for sharing.

These words really hit a dart to my heart. And I began to ponder… am I finding deep, meaningful conversations with others? Am I sharing life and love and everything in between under the moonlit sky? Am I soothing my soul with the love I so desire to give myself? Am I being true to myself?

In the journey of becoming process driven there are moments of such profound clarity. When life throws a curveball and knocks you off track, find your way back through self accountability. Keep something in your presence to remind yourself of your journey this far.

And keep going. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Dont go cheap on yourself for a quick fix. Invest in yourself. Invest in soothing and nourishing your soul.

Find those friends and soulmates who will go deep with you. Ground yourself in roots of raw love and integrity and intelligence.

You got this. 2020 is about to begin. Start out the gate strong and determined.

Reflection, Self-Love

Crazy Beautiful

There is a popular song on the radio these days called, “Crazy Beautiful.”

I absolutely love the lyrics. I am not sure how much I can type without infringing on a copyright issue, so you can just click here for the link.

We are all beautiful creatures, made in the image of an amazing Creator. And you, yes YOU, have so many attributes about yourself to bless others. Take a moment to look at those wonderful qualities: your smile, your mind, your eyes, your hands, your heart.

Some of us have never been told to search for the beauty in ourselves, let alone in anything else. I can remember when my eyes were finally opened to truly looking and searching for the beautiful things.

A wonderful lady, whom I will call one of my mentors, showed the endless possibilities of finding the beauty in this crazy thing called LIFE. And once I saw it, I couldn’t stop noticing all of the beauty all around me.

Here is a small list of treasures that I know are true in beauty:

  • A sunrise and/or sunset
  • A newborn baby
  • Flowers in bloom
  • Water in motion (ocean, stream, rain)
  • Children laughing and playing
  • A fresh cup of coffee
  • Mountains and tall trees
  • Hands that hold something gently
  • A warmly decorated table of food
  • A fire on the hearth
  • Two people hugging

As I ponder on becoming process driven through my second-half-journey, I have to remember that I need to be my own kind of beautiful, too. I need to embrace the crazy beautiful that makes me… well, me.

And the same goes for you. Have you embraced your own kind of beautiful? Have you accepted and believed and cherished the things that make you, YOU?

If not, I encourage you to start right now. Stand in front of a mirror and smile. Smile at yourself. If you have lost track of who you are , take a moment to introduce yourself. Get acquainted with the person inside. Embrace her (or him). Show some love.

It may sound crazy, but it’s a beautiful way to live and share your beauty with others.