I am a Millennial Homemaker

How did I come up with my blog title?

When I started writing in 2009 I wanted something that was snazzy and catchy. Ha! There’s not much snazzy about being a homemaker to the corporate mama. And, since I started my journey of motherhood in the mid 90s, I guess I’m more of a pre-millennial homemaker. But, in all honesty, my passion for homemaking began in the early 21st century.

What’s the point of this blog?

For me, it’s about my own personal musings as I journey through motherhood. Sometimes I get my knickers in a twist over something that disturbs me, and I’ll write about it. But, mostly it is supposed to be about personal growth on all levels (physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally). I do owe my whole life to knowing Jesus Christ, and I get excited about my faith a lot.

The Next Chapter

Someday I would love to turn this blog into a book. Or, maybe I’ll just write a book. There’s a million and one authors out there who keep writing stuff that I’ve thought of, but they seem to get published first. That’s okay. It’s a tortoise and the hare game in the world of social media. I’m calling myself a tortoise for now. The pot is stirring, but I’ve got it on a low simmer.

Play Fair

If you like (or don’t like) what I write, please let me know. I love to get feedback, both positive and negative. Of course, I have the permission to delete anytime, so play nice. I’m on a journey. I’m not at my destination yet. It’s okay to disagree and still be nice to each other.

Thank You!

I do appreciate that you took the time to stop by and read my musings. As soon as I get more tech savvy I will connect it in better ways to other social media outlets.

Have a blessed day!

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