My Bucket List

Here’s a wish list of what I would like to accomplish in my lifetime:

“Whatever you do, do all for the glory of God”

  • Get married and have children – Done, but not finished raising my kiddos
  • Graduate from college with a Bachelor’s Degree – Done in December 2011!
  • Travel across the USA (hopefully in an RV) and see all of those historic sites
  • Travel to Hawaii or one of the Polynesian Islands like Fiji
  • Ride the Great Continental Divide on a mountain bike 2700 miles
  • Travel to Africa and help build homes, care for or teach children about health
  • Travel to the Holy Land
  • Travel to Greece
  • Visit my grandfather’s resting place in the Philippines
  • Take a cruise to Alaska – well, maybe not, if these cruise ships keep over-turning…
  • Turn my blog into a book as a gift for my friends 🙂
  • Complete the task of getting my family prepared for any type of emergency
  • White Water Raft the Grand Canyon (Colorado River from Lee’s Ferry until it ends)
  • Travel up to Prince Edward Island, Canada, and see the site of Anne of Green Gables.

I’ll keep adding as I figure out more…

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