My Favorite Things

1. Homemade bread!

2. Planting seeds and watching the garden grow.

3. Counting the stars in the night sky.

4. Listening to the birds sing in my neighbor’s tree.

5. Hugging on sweet little babies.

6. Watching my children play and interact nicely.

7. Trying to sew a new outfit or home decor.

8. Dancing in the rain!

9. Singing as loud as I can to the best worship music.

10. A glorious day of 72 degrees.

11. Finishing a good novel.

12. A homemade letter from a long-distance friend.

13. Snuggling in my bed with my family.

14. Reading a great blog by an encouraging person.

15. A good cup of coffee.

16. A summer monsoon storm, full of lightning and thunder.

1 thought on “My Favorite Things”

  1. Some of my favorite things are your favorite things! #5 ‘hugging on sweet little babies.’ Pure loving comfort! #8 ‘Dancing in the rain.’ Dancing anytime, puts me in an uplifting mood for hours!


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