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A million and one (but who's counting?)…

It’s been a few months, but I wanted to revisit the world of blogging. I am a subscriber to a few sites, and many of them are very similar. I am sure that each person has a passion in her posts. I love reading their ideas, viewing their pictures, and heck, even trying to figure out how they add in all the cute photoshopy-type of clip art!

I am not one of those computer-techy people. I have a husband who can help me with the fancy stuff. I just like to type. So, I’ve labeled this post as “A million and one” for the millions of bloggers out there, of which I am one of them.

Nothing of great importance is happening at this time. No epiphanies, no special events to brag about (other than my husband’s recent 40th birthday celebration), and definitely no plans. Just the daily grind of living. But, I love that.

A simple day is when I awake (and today, I am crediting my wakefulness to the sinus pressure in my head at 3:50 a.m.) with energy for the new day. The house is quiet, and I actually have some “time” to spend it on me. I carve out 30 minutes for exercise, and walking outdoors is my all-time favorite. As much as I would love to incorporate a workout DVD into my routine, the stillness of the home calls for continued silence and peace.

One by one my children arise to the smell of coffee brewing, the tinkering of my incessant need to clean, or even perhaps the hopeful allure of a warm breakfast. The best memories I have of my childhood summers were the days when I would linger in my pajamas for hours and not do a blessed thing!

My current reality calls me to the backyard. Two goats and four chickens await fresh water and their food replenished. It is so nice to walk out and see them in their glory of the dawning day. I have learned that my chickens love to eat their food when it is moistened by the sprinkles of water that cover the ground. The goats are independent, as they would rather play in the nearby wood pile than to let me show some attention.

But, these dog-days of summer are competition in one regard. Modern technology has vied for the attention of my millennial-born children. They always prefer to be plugged in, logged on, or otherwise electronically entertained. I am constantly encouraging them to unplug, log off, and go outdoors while the temps are bearable. Today also marks the start date for summer school. So, hopefully, books will be opened, pencils will be scrambling upon paper, and brain cells will be engaged. That’s my hope, anyway.

My hat is off to you, dear reader. As you awaken and count your blessings for this day, I wonder what you will be doing? Share your comments, your thoughts, or even your story. For then, your reply would make my counting “a million and two”…